Water damage & Repair

Take control of water damage restoration in your home or business 

Don't Delay - Get Fast, Professional Water Damage Restoration! 

Water damage repair and restoration services are completed by certified technicians at First Choice Restoration. Many Disasters, damage your residential or commercial property, but also cause damage to your personal belongings. A flooded home can lead to hazardous mold growth if left for too long. Call us immediately if you experience a water disaster from a flood, burst pipe, dishwasher over flow, or other disaster.  

Hire a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

Don’t take the risk of incurring further damage from the water damage disaster. Furthermore, mold growth can become a bigger problem the longer the water sits. By hiring a professional restoration company like First Choice Restoration, you can save money and spend less time living or working in chaos at your home or commercial property while the property gets restored. Our team of experts works thoroughly and efficiently on water damage repair to restore your property back to pre-loss condition.  

Technician checking for water in crawlspace

For fast water damage restoration Help in Tri-Cities or Wenatchee Call:

First Choice Restoration has a team ofIICRC certified technicianswho are highly trained and experienced in providing water damage repair and restoration services. We use only state of the art equipment to best restore your property after a flood or water damage. Rest assured that our team will deliver high quality results and get you back to your usual life at home or work. We’ve helped countless residential and commercial property owners feel safe, cared for and hopeful in the midst of a water disaster.